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  "Jeremy Beck, a stand out who finds
continual comic freshness..."
-Frank Rizzo, Variety
"Beautiful job from Jeremy Beck..."
-Marilyn Stasio, Variety
"Beck's nerdy charm and effortless,
subtle comic timing are so impressive
that TV sitcom casting directors
should definitely take note
-Michael Portantiere, Backstage
  "Jeremy Beck's
marvelously open, generous,
daringly vulnerable
-Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

"...Jeremy Beck's Yephokhodov finesses
a few prime pratfalls..."
-Charles Isherwood, New York Times

Jeremy Beck's Grendel is excellent..."
-Eleanor Turney, A Younger Theatre
  "Jeremy Beck is a riot
as the accident-prone Derek"
-David Sheward, Backstage
Jeremy Beck
nails his musical moment in "Try Me"
as the overly enthusiastic messenger clerk
with dreams of his own."
-Frank Rizzo, Variety
"This Cheeky adaptation,
by Dave Dalton, Jeremy Beck,
and the company,
addresses Wagner's agenda
with remarkable sensivity and insight."
-Steve Smith, New York Times